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The kids club was another excellent program we took advantage of.  The fact my son had the opportunity to get on the field and participate in the contest was great.  Although he didn't win, he's already looking forward to going out there on April 22.  In addition to that, the fact that the team came back out on the field to meet with the fans had a great impact on both my son and I.  All of the players were extremely friendly and more than willing to "mingle" with the fans.  Actually, everyone from the ticket booth, concessions, security, PR team, players, yourself included actually restored my faith in humanity a little bit.  Everyone was genuinely polite, courteous, and showed interest in the fans having a great time.
I guess I just wanted to make you aware of how you impacted my son and I the other night.  It may seem like just part of the job or doing what you can for the fans' experience.  However, on that Saturday night, for me, it was so much more.  We will definitely be back and I am going to bring as many people as I can with me.  I have talked about the experience on my personal Facebook page (with pictures of my son and the players), with guys at work, friends, and family members.  You have found new life long fans with us.
Dan Avery

My son and I sat in the front row of the Edge and Bandits game in Sioux City last night, between your team bench and the tunnel to the locker room. My 7 year old son had the opportunity to talk to a few players on your team and they were outstanding with him. Even after a very tough loss, your players and coaches were incredible in talking with him. Especially Cody Barber, he was amazing. I can honestly tell you that even though we may live in Sioux City, my son is absolutely an Edge fan now and has already been asking me to take him to Bloomington! 

Thank you for running a class organization and bringing such enjoyment to the game.

James Miller

Was my first time using VetTix couldn't have asked for better seats. Thank you for the experience. Highly recommend getting the word out to all veterans about this program. Thank you to the individual who donated these tickets we really enjoyed the evening and will definitely keep checking back for more opportunities to use VetTixs 

James -

On Saturday, Joshua ran the Penguin in the Park 5k in Decatur and did a best time on a very hilly course.  He finished 6th in his age group out of 14.  He was very happy.  Then that night he went to the Edge game and caught a tshirt thrown from one of the dance team.  We stayed until the end and he got so many autographs on the game ball that he caught last week.  Had a lot of fun.  He wanted me to tell you.

Liann Svob

Recently, my wife Laura and I took in a Bloomington Edge indoor football game. I am a huge NFL and College football fan, but it was Laura who turned me onto indoor football when we lived in California. We used to watch the games on television as where we lived they did not have a local team.

When we relocated to Bloomington over eleven years ago we continued to watch the games on television until 2006 when the Bloomington indoor football team, the Extreme, was formed. As soon as we could, we bought season tickets for the family. We attended all the games and really got hooked on the team.
As our season of life changed and our girls got older and more involved in school activities, our attendance at the games started to dwindle. My wife and I became more involved in volunteer work and we eventually dropped our season tickets. Then one night earlier this year one of the new owners contacted me to ask how the Edge players could get involved with the mentoring efforts and mentees of the 100 Black Men of Central Illinois. We chatted for some time about how to get kids to games and how to get the players to spend time with the kids. One thing led to another and the next I thing I knew, my wife had purchased season tickets for this season.
On March 6, we attended the first game of the season against one our rivals – the Omaha Beef. We remembered attending games against the Beef before because their fans show up with cow bells. I can still hear the ringing in my ears.
The game was exciting, and also offered some great things during time outs and half time to keep the fans entertained. The Edge even brought in Dan Hampton from the 1985 Bears to sign autographs – it was nice seeing all the Bear fans, big and little, talking to him. The players engaged the audience and showed they were truly happy to be playing for the Bloomington Edge.
Even though we lost the game, we had a great time and it was nice to be supporting the team again. We plan on attending as many games as we can to help support the team, the coliseum and the new owners. I encourage all of you who hear this to take in a game or two and tell others to do the same. We always say there is nothing to do on our town, well this is an event you and the family can enjoy. The ticket prices are reasonable and the concession stands are usually manned by local organizations as well. The next home game is April 16 – Go Edge!
Dale Avery, CPCU, is the assistant vice president – Enterprise Services at State Farm® Corporate Headquarters in Bloomington, Ill.
Avery began his career with State Farm in 1982 as a personal lines underwriter in Lincoln, Nebraska and assumed his current position in 2006. Avery, a native of Missouri, received his bachelor’s degree from Central Missouri State University. He earned his CPCU in 1991.
Dale resides in Bloomington with his wife, Laura and their two daughters; Megan and Jenna.
Dale Avery

I wrote yesterday concerning how to get my photo.

I had a friend who was able to get my photo for me and it was Great
Thank you Dan Hampton and thank you Edge for the thrill of a lifetime getting to meet an 85 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champion and a great guy.
I always remember and treasure my experience at the Bloomington Edge football game Sunday afternoon March 6th 2016 forever.
Leland Jacobson